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Powerful electrical solutions for your industrial, commercial and residential projects. 

Case Studies

We are experienced to complete different kinds of projects, from a straightforward residential project up to a complex, multi-site installation. We specialize in integration for all techniques. Below you can find some of our projects. 

Municipal Swimming Pool Breeven

While doing a complete renovation of the swimming pool area, the municipality chose us for the complete installation of all electrical wiring and lightning.

Relighting of the different pool areas using our:

  • Stretto 060BB as emergency light
  • Stretto 150ST as regular light

NEST – 26 Residential appartments

For a brand new building project we supplied:

  • Electrical installation including lighting with our Rotondo fixture for the apartments

  • Electrical installation in the common zones, including:
    • Stretto 150MW light fixtures
    • Passo MWBB light fixtures
    • Fire detection and smoke domes
    • Video Intercom system

Buss Spirits – Storage & Distribution

  • Electrical installation including lighting with our Stretto 150ST, Stretto 150MW and Stretto 150BB and several office light fixtures
  • Fire detection according NBN S21- 100
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Camera System, including LPR
  • Access Control
  • Smart Buildings

Completely managed through our SecurityCloud.eu

VVW Clothilde vzw – Watersports club with their Marina

  • Electrical installation of the clubhouse
  • Energy Columns in the Marina
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Camera System
  • Access Control
  • Fences and gates (see ATS-Systems.eu)

Completely managed through our SecurityCloud.eu

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